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To Ms.Mercer:

Happy Teacher's Day, Ms.Mercer! Congratulations on becoming the new principal of BCOS! You are talented in many areas and you are so knowledgeable that we can ask you for almost anything. You are so popular among all the students because you are very kind and humorous. However, when you are teaching, you will be serious and give an entertaining and informative class every time. You’ve always encouraged me when I met difficulties, you’ve told me not to give up, but to try my best. In the end, thank you, Ms Mercer, for all three years, thanks for being my teacher and I really miss you!

Ms. Mercer!祝您教师节快乐,并且恭喜您成为BCOS的新校长!在我们眼里,您十八般武艺样样精通,您丰富的学识总能解答我们所有的疑难。因为您的善良与幽默,您成了学校里最受欢迎的人。然而,当您在教学时,您总是一丝不苟又生动活泼地展现每一个知识点。每当我们遭遇难题,是您告诉我不要放弃,尽最大的努力去挑战困难。最后,感谢有您,感谢三年来您的陪伴,我真的很想念您!

        ——— 中加班2018届毕业生Sulli

Dear Mr.C,

First of all, best wishes to little Alison and your family. Secondly, we really appreciate the essential role you have been playing throughout these three years. It is your full-heart teaching leading us into this amazing world of science, especially chemistry. You caied Science Fair all the way from the beginning till now, giving us the very first idea of how to explore the  new world ourselves. You are the one who first introduced how precision and details are important in both academics and life to us. It is also you, the coach of boys’ soccer, Frisbee and badminton teams, who sacrifices your time and breaks a sweat together with us on the track. We are grateful that you brought knowledge not only on how to succeed in school but also how to have fun and relax outside. Please remain our BROTHER C and bring Alison to school! Thank you and HAPPY TEACHER's DAY!!!

亲爱的Mr C:


        ——— 中加班12年级Vicky

Mr. Vuorela, the teacher who joined in BCOS last year, is so patient and considerate with profound knowledge that a majority of the students love him and his classes from our inner hearts. Throughout the year, every time when the new concepts from math and science were tough for us to understand, he would always be willing to explain them with clear diagrams or forms. When we were not capable to finish the heavy homework in time before the due date, he would accept valid reasons. Furthermore, he taught some useful skills for our later study like dealing with data using Excel, and leading us to explore the beauty of math and science including tessellation and even computer programming. In short, he is definitely an appreciable teacher.


        ——— 中加班11年级Jasmine

Dear Mr.Levirs

Although you have only taught us several classes, we have already started to enjoy your class atmosphere and your teaching style. In the class, you tell us various types of stories and knowledge to broaden our horizons and make the class more interesting and attractive. After class, you patiently give us suggestions about how to improve. Though you are a doctor, we can still feel your humble attitude to learn more about Chinese culture. We are looking forward to having more fun with you.


        ——— 中加班12年级Dorothy & Tammy

Dear Ms. Flottat,

It is our great honor to be your Grade 12 physics students in the last year at our high school life. Although we have not known each other very well, we always see your big smile in class which makes us feel enjoyable when we stay together. After we had some classes together, we found out you are a well-organized and intelligent teacher who I really want to emulate. Also, I hope that we could share respect and happiness together. Lastly but most importantly, we would like to say, “Happy Teachers’ Day.”

亲爱的Ms.Flottat ,很荣幸在高中的最后一年,我们能有机会成为您的学生。虽然我们还不是那么的熟悉,但是您脸上洋溢的微笑已经深深地印入我们的脑海。因此,我们十分享受与您在一起的时光。开学第一周的几节课后,我们发现您是一位做事特别有条理的老师,也是我们学习的榜样!在接下来的这一年里,希望我们能在中加班这个积极向上的大家庭中,每时每刻都能快乐地学习。在这个特殊而有意义的日子里,我们想真切地对您说一声:“教师节快乐!”

 ——— 中加班12年级Krysty 

Ms.Ng teaches us English literature and social studies. I think she is the kindest teacher in our school. She is patient towards us all the time. We just came to this new school for the first week, and we're not used to learning in such a different way. Fortunately, Ms.Ng would like to turn difficult concepts into things that are easy for us to understand. When we meet problems and try to discuss with her, she is always glad to listen to our non-fluent English carefully. Ms.Ng also is a humorous teacher. She would resolve the embaassing situation by reasonable means.


——— 中加班10年级Ian

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